The Temple Civic Theatre is looking to move forward after a devastating chapter in the organization's history has finally been closed.

Yesterday, a judge sentenced Aileen Snyder to two years in prison after authorities say she stole upwards of 550,000 over a four year period while working for the theater.

Snyder used the company credit card for over 700 unauthorized ATM withdrawals between 2010 and 2014.

Chris Wohleb, one of the members of the theater's board of governors says the theft almost caused the company to close their doors for good. He says they are happy the judge wasn't lenient with Snyder, but wishes the law allowed for a heavier sentence.

"None of us really felt that probabtion was appropriate in this case, and that incarceration was. Would we have liked to seen a harsher sentence? I think it deserved it but the judges hands were tied."