The Temple community is rallying around a mother and her two boys after they were badly hurt in a car accident in early December.

Laura Patterson and her two boys were driving to Prairie View for a Temple playoff game when another driver crashed into them head-on. The family was rushed to the hospital where they were treated for several injuries, including a cracked sternum, vertebrae, and shattered heels.

"You should value everyday that your eyes open and we're gonna take that to the next level now because this was just such a shock to be driving down the road and have someone come straight at you," said Patterson.

Following the accident, dozens of community members have stepped up to help including the Temple Quarterback Club and Extreme Cheer in Temple.

"It doesn't matter what everyone's background is, it's amazing to see how the community has come together to support this temple wildcat fan," said Jasmine Robertson with Extreme Cheer.

Leaders of the organizations are collecting donations for the family to help lighten the load this holiday season.

"The holidays is really the worst time for this to happen we just wanted to do something to support a fan that supports wildcat football, to give them a good Christmas and something to take their mind off of what they're going through," Joe Olivares, President of Temple Quarterback Club said.

Patterson said she hopes the person who crashed into them faces consequences and said the family is doing their best to remain optimistic as they recover.

"This will help us realize how strong and positive we are," Patterson said.

She said she won't be cleared to return to work for another month or two and will use that time to focus on her family.