After a day and a half of testimony, a Bell County Jury found Derrick Gamble guilty of murdering Marlin Police Chief Darrell Allen.

Deliberations took place Wednesday just one day after testimony began.

Channel 6 spoke with a staffer in the DA’s office earlier this week and they said they only expected the trial to last a few days. There was one full day of testimony Tuesday and brief testimony Wednesday morning prompting jurors to begin deliberations at noon.

Gamble, 26, of Temple was accused of shooting Chief Allen after the two allegedly got into an argument outside of a Temple bar in 2015.

Derrick Gamble

Both sides used their closing arguments to try and sway the jury for the final time.

The defense stuck to their story that Gamble didn’t know Allen was an officer. However, the state focused on an emotional close looking right at Gamble saying “To me there is no doubt this man killed Darrell Allen.”

When the ruling came down Gamble's family broke out in tears while Allen's family looked disappointed.

Gamble’s sister, Sharmae Wheelock says the family is holding strong.

"I'm sorry to the other family about the situation that occurred but we're gonna support him all the way" says Wheelock.

Gambles uncle, Eddie Alexander says he hopes the situation serves as a lesson to others.

“It’s a message for the youth today to know that you still have to make the right choices in life because life is short,” says Alexander.

Sentencing begins Thursday morning at 9am.