Temple's Lions Park will be closed until next week, or later, due to a drain overflow that deposited around 100,000 gallons of water in the park. A city spokesperson said the overflow was caused by the seven to 10 inches of rain the city received Monday and Tuesday.

The spokesperson said the water overwhelmed the drainage system near the park and forced sewage out onto the surrounding area. Now Temple has notified the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality about the incident and its pubic works staff will spend the rest of the week sanitizing the park.

The city said the public should avoid contact with the waste material and the soil, debris, or water potentially contaminated in the area until everything is cleaned up. If anyone comes into contact with such material, they should bathe and wash clothes as thoroughly as possible.

The city also said that any person using private drinking water supply wells within half a mile of the spill should only use water after it is distilled or boiled.

This is not the first time wastewater has overflowed in the area, though the city did not say exactly how common the issue is. The city spokesperson did tell channel 6 that the overflow issues should be solved with some drainage improvements the city is planning in the next year.