The mind is a powerful thing and there might not be anyone who knows that better then The Mentalist Blake Adams. Adams came to the channel 6 studios today and amazed everyone with his skills which he says is not quite magic.

He said through a combination of psychology, suggestion & theatrics, he will amaze people by getting inside their minds. And the crew at channel 6 certainly were had by Adams performance. Adams was able to guess the number Jamie chose twice on a dice he was not able to see, guess the card he was thinking of in a deck that had no other cards in it with Jamie only thinking of it, and to finish it off he was able to comfortably guess the page in a book Lisa chose, even tearing out the page before she even had a chance to think of a page number.

Safe to say he successfully got in the minds of the Texas Today team and gaging by their reactions they were very happy he did. You can catch Blake Adams tomorrow Friday April 21st at the Waco Hippodrome at 6:30pm.

For information on the show and for tickets click here