The Salvation Army Waco Disaster Team is on standby and prepared for Hurricane Harvey.

The organization spent Friday afternoon stocking canteens and preparing the necessary items to assist hundreds of Texans who may need help in the coming days.

As one of 17 units on standby to be deployed for hurricane relief, The Salvation Army of Waco said they are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

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If called upon, volunteers will serve nearly 500 people three meals a day for 72 hours. The Salvation Army has prepared clean up kits and stocked plenty of bottled water for potential evacuees. Counseling will be provided as well for long term care.

All the Salvation Army awaits now is "the call."

"So, the situation will dictate when and what we are asked to do next," Bradley Caldwell, Salvation Army Major, said. "We can go at any time or we can wait until farther along when the storm sits and drops all that rain we're expecting."

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Volunteers for the Salvation Army told Channel 6 they are more than happy to help because they now how heartbreaking an experience a natural disaster can be.

"Lots of prayers first of all," Salvation Army volunteer Janet Harrison said. "We've already said lots of prayers for the workers and for the victims and their families. It's a privilege to be able to assist in this capacity."

The Red Cross told Channel 6 it will also offer services as a shelter should the organization be needed as well.