Cirque du Soleil's productions are nothing short of spectacular. The performers are constantly flying, twisting, contorting, whirling in all sorts of directions, and they make it look easy. What people don't know, and often hear about, is the army of specialists behind the scenes that make the show what it is.

For every performer on stage each has three handmade costumes that can take anywhere between 40 and 70 hours to create. The people behind such elaborate costumes are often not heard from and go unknown, which is how they may like it but without them the on-stage artists would look pretty dull. Ovo has two people who are full-time on wardrobe doing everything from repairing elaborate tights to putting on a cobbler's hat and fixing broken boots.

The production moves from city to city each week and has close to 100 people helping create the insect community that is Ovo. With the team having the efficiency of an ant colony you know it will be one heck of a show.