TEMPLE, Texas -- The Temple Fire Department announced Friday it was investigating what could only be described as an "unusual water appearance."

Temple Fire & Rescue Spokesperson Thomas Pechal said his department and the City of Temple's Public Works Department were both trying to figure out how "unusual red water" ended up in Bird Creek in South Temple. Personnel from both departments first discovered the red water when they were dispatched to the general area of Wagon Trail and Cripple Creek Drive in Temple on Friday.

A hazardous materials crew from the fire department tested the water and could not find any "identifiable hazards" in the water. As of late Friday night, fire officials believed the discolored water came from some sort of naturally occurring vegetation source. However, public works crews still decided to remove the water to be disposed into the sewer system to be treated, according to Pechal.

To be clear, there was no reason for concern on Saturday. But, if we learn anything more about this bizarre announcement from the fire department, we will update this story.