There's but a few things in life that can give people a calming feeling and teach patience, and one of those happens to be pottery.

The art of ceramics, pottery, has been used since 24,000 BC by civilizations around the world. Pottery is still very prevalent today and is a great skill to learn, and you can do it right here in Temple Texas. Marilyn Ritchie, affectionately known as grandma, teaches people twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The classes are for both beginners and those well versed, from young to old.

Ritchie has been involved with clay for 50 years and her mother was even a potter. Inside the Cultural Activities Center where classes take place, there is even a Marilyn Ritchie wing. Ritchie said the art of creating out of clay is one that evokes a calming feeling as you loose yourself in the wheel, and for those that aren't so patient pottery can help.

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