A DPS trooper killed after being hit by a car while conducting a traffic stop on I-35 over the weekend was laid to rest. Senior Trooper Thomas Nipper's funeral service was held Friday afternoon at Temple Bible Church.

Thousands of people turned out for what was an emotional memorial service. Those in attendance included Lt. Gov Dan Patrick and law enforcement officials from as far as New York, Missouri and Georgia.

A representative for the family began the service by thanking the troopers that have stood by them during the tragedy. The representative also read a letter from the family that described Nipper as a hard worker, loving husband and father and a supportive friend.

An emotional speech from a fellow trooper and close friend of Nipper followed. That trooper said Nipper was like family to him and that it will be hard to go on without him.

"Tom's time here has passed as well as his trials and tribulations. As time passes so shall we all. Tom will be there to greet us with an outreached hand, a smile on his face and an opinion that I'm sure is the right one," the trooper said.

Supporters then promised to stick with the family during the difficult mourning process ahead.

"We want to assure you that one of the greatest things we can do for Tom Nipper is to be good to his family and we promise you we will do it," said a loved one.

Loved ones went on to say they will keep Nipper's legacy alive by remembering the good times with him and by always trying to do the right thing.

Nipper spent over 40 years in law enforcement.

He is survived by his wife and three children.