The first day of testimony wrapped up for the trial of a Temple man accused of shooting and killing Marlin Police Chief Darrell Allen at a Temple bar in 2015.

Derrick Gamble is accused of shooting Allen after they allegedly got into an argument outside of the bar where the chief was working as security that night.

Prosecutors kicked things off by playing an audio recording captured by the first officer to respond to the scene and it got a lot of responses from people in court.

In the recording, you hear people running and yelling. People could also be heard yelling that’s the guy who shot him.

The responding officer said it was a high stress situation. Following that we heard testimony from several other people including a woman who said she was walking up to the club that night when she heard a shot and ducked behind a car. She also claimed she approached the chief after he had been injured and began praying for him.

“I wanted to just forget all about it,” the woman said on the stand.

Both sides also spent a lot of time discussing what policy allowed the chief to conduct police work outside of Marlin, A staffer in the DA’s office tells Channel 6 they are not seeking the death penalty in this case and are going after life without parole.

More testimony will continue Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.