The judge for the cases of three Twin Peaks bikers was recused Wednesday according to the defendants’ attorney Clint Broden.

A petition was filed to have Judge Ralph Strother removed from the case. After a hearing, Judge James Morgan granted the recusal motion and notified attorneys and the district attorney's office of his decision.

Broden released the following statement:

George Bergman and I are very pleased that Judge Morgan indicated his decision to grant the recusal. The standard for granting a recusal motion is whether a "reasonable man on the street" might think a judge was biased in favor of one party. So here the question was not whether Judge Strother was actually biased or believed himself to be biased. At the beginning of the recusal hearing in this matter, it appeared Judge Morgan was skeptical about the motion. Nevertheless,I think as Judge Morgan heard the evidence and considered it in its totality he realized the impression that Judge Strother's actions would cause on the "reasonable man on the street."

A hearing will be held at a later date by an administrative judge to determine who will hear the trial.

Broden said it is likely more defendants will file a petition.

On May 17, 2015, a gunfight broke out at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant between rival gangs and left nine people dead, 18 injured, and 177 arrests.