Two Waco families with children who suffer from life-changing conditions were given the surprise of a lifetime.

“Kidd's Kids” is an organization that’s been making kid’s dreams come true for 25 years.

It’s the knock on the door every child dreams of.

A fairytale surprise to come home to.

For Two Waco families who have watched their children struggle with tremendous challenges. One child has an optic lipoma tumor which cannot be removed and the other has spinal muscular atrophy.

Those battles are set aside for the words that are music to every kid’s ears.

“You’re going to Disney world!”

In partnership with Kidd’s Kids, a nonprofit started by the late radio DJ Kid Kraddick, Power 108 in Waco was able to make two families dreams a reality.

“For us just to be the messenger, no it doesn’t happen every day but I’m so glad we got to do this,” Edward Rosado (“DJ Magnum” of Power 108) said.

Five-year-old Faith Fortenberry suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a condition that confines her to a wheelchair and results in hours of therapy on a weekly basis.

“She has five different machines that help her breathe and live,” Her mother Lori Fortenberry said. “she spends three hours a week at therapy, plus a stander that she has to spend an hour on a day here at home.”

And for 10-year-old Kallie Roy, the battle she wakes up and fights every day is with Type One Neurofibromatosis, which means she has a tumor in her eye.

“You can’t treat with radiation you can only treat with chemo and hop that it goes away,” Kallie’s mother Jessica Yerger said.

Now both girls will take a week off from the treatments, the rehab, the doctor’s offices and hospital rooms to become a princess.