It was not a very good hump day for one driver after her pickup truck went over a bridge Wednesday morning into Trimmier Creek on Chaparral Road in Killeen.

In a video posted to Facebook, Goode Towing & Recovery used a crane to lift the stuck pickup out of the water.

Channel 6 spoke to the towing company’s owner, David Goode Sr., about what happened. According to him, the driver left the roadway, hit a guard rail, and went over the bridge.

“She said she didn’t remember how she got there,” Goode Sr. said.

He said the woman only remembers being in the water and someone knocking on her window.

His son, David Goode Jr. was the first person to arrive at the scene. After locating the truck, he realized they needed their 75-ton rotator to lift the truck.

The driver was taken to a hospital to get checked out, Goode Sr. said.

Goode Sr.'s message to drivers is to drive carefully during bad weather. The Killeen Police Department did not provide any immediate information about this particular incident but said there had been several other crashes Wednesday.