A proposition to disannex the Mill Creek area from the village was shot down by an overwhelming majority.

More than 700 people voted against the disannexation while a more than 100 voted for it.

The proposition would have changed the face of the village and effectively spelled the end of Salado.

The proposition which has been in the works for months was a point of contention for many in Salado.

A petition, started by Mill Creek resident John Newman was submitted to the board on August 18. Newman and other proponents wanted to move forward with the disannexation because they felt there was a lack of transparency in the local government and a poorly planned sewage plan among other reasons.

Newman said the decision was a disappointment.

“That was a pretty brutal beatdown,” he said. “and we’ll have to carefully evaluate what our next steps are.”

Newman said they will continue to fight for “Accountability in the Village government”.

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