The fate of Vive Les Arts Center in Killeen came down to a vote Tuesday evening by members of the Killeen nonprofit theatre.

By a vote of 93 to 1, the beloved Vive Les Arts Theatre will remain open. The announcement was met with a huge applause and cheers.

Last month, the Board of Directors voted on a motion to close down the business citing financial instability.

A GoFundMe was launched to save the venue, which has been offering live community entertainment in the Killeen and Greater Fort Hood area for four decades.

Debbie Cable Brown performed at the theatre for more than 20 years -- since 1994. Brown said no one wanted to see Vive Les Arts shut down. Without the theatre, she would not have had a place to do what she loves.

"Theatre people can't stand still," Brown said. "There are other surrounding theatres, but it is sad that we would have to travel so far. It would be sad there -- wouldn't be a cultural place to show their talents. But theatre people will live on."

Before the vote, more than 100 people listened to a presentation about the financial health of the theatre. Shortly thereafter, supporters in the audience spoke about what the arts facility means to them. Those in attendance said they want to see future generations enjoy the theatre experience.

"Especially for my little sister, like I mentioned, she's 5 years old and she already loves performing," Deanna Contreras said. "So I want her to have that place to go to no matter what, that she has that safe haven that I have."

Supporters at the meeting also discussed getting the military community more involved in the community arts, and are working to build a budget moving forward.