A 5K race and 1-Mile Fun Run in Waco was held Saturday morning in efforts to fundraise money for Patrick Posey, the Waco Midway soccer coach who was diagnosed with level four glioblastoma, a cancer that originates in the brain.

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Doctors discovered a mass on Posey's brain that was eventually determined to be a tumor in May of 2017.

Saturday, men and women of all ages showed up to the event to send a message of solidarity for their beloved soccer coach.

"I found out when I was at school," former Midway soccer player Zach Hammond said. "I was in Abilene, so I was three hours away. I immediately went to fellow teammates to see if I could find a way to get home so I could come see him."

Zach's mother, Candace Hammond, wanted to help out as soon as she became aware of Posey's diagnosis. Candace organized the 5K to raise money for her son's former coach.

"I never dreamed we could do this for coach Posey -- this amount of money, this amount of people," Candace said. "We were all able to give back to him like he's given to us. Thank you."

At the starting line, 352 runners laced up to join Team Posey. The event raised more than $11,000 in registration fees -- not including donations and t-shirt sales -- to help Posey's fight against cancer.

The Posey's were overwhelmed with the community's support.

"I was shocked," Susan, Patrick's wife, said.

"I didn't think it would be quite that large but it's just a testament to these people," Patrick added. "I think this really should be a celebration of how a community comes together."

The only sign of Saturday's 5K that remains is a chalk line from the start line going throughout the course, showing runners where to go during the race.

However, when students enter Posey's classroom at the beginning of the school year, they will get to see a sign -- signed by all 352 runners as a symbol of support for the Posey family from the Midway community.

"It's unbelievable," Susan said. "It really just shows you how much you're loved."

For the Posey's, the community's support strengthens their belief in three words.

"Midway is home," Patrick said.

Posey told Channel 6 he has finished his first round of treatment and underwent an MRI on Friday. He will meet with his doctors soon to figure out the next steps.

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