A Waco church is also doing their part to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

They are loading up a semi and taking more than 40 of their own volunteers.

The pastor of Family of Faith Worship Center told Channel 6 they are taking food, cleaning supplies to south Texas because there is nothing on the shelves for people in the hardest hit areas to buy.

Ruben Andrade is the senior pastor of Family of Faith Worship Center in Waco. He said when Hurricane Harvey ripped through south Texas, he knew he had to jump into action. He opened the doors of the church to families evacuating from Houston and asked the community for donations.

Mother and daughter, Diane Henn and Brittney Billingsley are evacuees from Friendswood. The helped box up food to be sent to Harvey victims and shared their escape story.

"I did what I thought I needed and I ran out into waist high water and as soon as I hit the street, it was dep and I went knocking on my neighbors door, saying please let us in," Henn said.

She said her son came down to rescue them from Waco. While in town they ran into a member of Family of Faith Worship Center, who ttold them to seek shelter at the church. Billingsley was relieved, she has two kids and is four months pregnant.

"You can only imagine having a seven-month-old and a four-year-old having to run through pouring down rain and you can't even see the houses across the street," she said.

The church has partnered with the East Texas Dream Team and will be taking 40 volunteers to Conroe, Spring, and Humble to help serve food to families and volunteers impacted by Harvey.

“Several weeks ago we saw so much hatred and division in our country and to now see people of all walks of life step up to help our brothers,” Andrade said. “to see elderly people come and make the sacrifice to pull money out of their wallets, it is just amazing.”

Volunteers will load a semi-truck with the donations and head off to South Texas tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.

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