When natural disasters strike, it can be difficult for people with hearing disabilities to keep up with information in the news.

To address the issue, the Communication Axess Ability Group traveled from Austin to Waco on Tuesday. The Communication Axess Ability Group is the largest interpreting agency in Texas.

The organization said the Waco community needs to be aware of communication access and technology devices for people with disabled hearing.

The Communication Axess Ability Group said when a natural disaster occurs, it is important for the deaf and hearing impaired to have an interpreter on hand to sit and keep them up to date on current events.

Communication Axess Ability Group officials urge family members of people with hearing disabilities to have communication strategies in case they lose each other.

"Those are important because when we go to a shelter, if they don't have those things there, we are left out in the dark," Hearing Loss Resource Specialist Jason Taylor said. "So, we need to be proactive and be prepared for something like this."

September is National Preparedness Month. After Hurricane Harvey's devastation in Texas, the the Waco McLennan County Health District said the information from this seminar comes at an appropriate time.