Starting next week, Waco ISD Child Nutrition Services will start sending out letters to the household of children who are eligible for free and reduced lunch and the school district is urging parents to pay attention.

In 2016, Waco ISD served more than 1.7 million free meals and another 140,000 reduced fee meals. The district said no child learning should suffer because they are hungry and they are encouraging families to take action to apply for these benefits.

Eighty-seven percent of Waco ISD Students are on free or reduced lunch. For the upcoming academic year, the school district is urging parents to cross their T’s and dot their I’s when filling out these forms. The district said if a person qualified for free or reduced lunch in 2016, they will still need to reapply to get the benefits for the next year. One of the biggest mistakes school officials continue to see is parents or guardians forgetting to fill out the income eligibility form – which is the key to ensure that you even qualify.

Bruce Gietzen, Waco ISD Director of Communications said a lot of people fill out the whole form and they don’t sign it and that is not complete or they don’t put the last four digits of their social security number.

“or if you got an edge number…the edge number that the country provides you,” Gietzen said. “We need to have that on the application as well.”

Once the form is complete, the district has 10 days to process the application, but if a person turns in an incomplete form,it will only push back your application process.

School officials said if you have not received a letter and you think that you should, then please contact the nutritious service and they will help you.