In effort to try to keep neighborhoods intact, the city of Waco is taking steps to get rid of homes damaged by fires.

Channel 6 spoke to the city about steps they have to take to make sure property owners are held accountable when it comes to tearing them down.

The city of Waco has an ordinance that protects neighborhoods like this from being run down, but when home owners leave them abandoned, they have to step in and get rid of what some consider an eyesore.

City officials have a system where they keep track of all of the substandard structures in Waco and how long they have been sitting. For example, one home located on Elm Avenue across from Quinn College and the YMCA caught on fire in April.

The home is owned by a bank in New York and the city of Waco gave them 30 days to demolish it. So far, they have not received a response. The city said when this happens, that is when they have to get rid of the home and put a lien on the property.

A meeting about the home was supposed happened this week but because of the holiday, they pushed it back to September.

Larry Holtz, city of Waco spokesperson said they do not want blighted neighborhoods.

“We don’t want bad properties to stay there very long,” Holtz said. “Unfortunately, the process has to go through and it does take a certain amount of time.”

Similar homes can also cause the values of neighboring homes to depreciate. The city said they do not want that to happen either.

As far as what will happen next, city officials said the home will be on September’s agenda. If they do not hear from the owner by then, it will be demolished by the end of the year.