Bo is a seven month old Siberian husky, with bright eyes and a seemingly unwavering smile but for Miranda Garcia, Bo means more than your average family pet.


She’s hoping, he’ll help her nine year old son Elijah towards a better life in the face of a difficult condition.


Elijah was diagnosed with nonverbal autism and ADHD when he was 18 months old, and since then has undergone constant occupational, and speech therapy to combat his social anxiety.


“When theres loud noises or a lot of people he kind of just freaks out and starts panicking.” his mother says.

That’s where Bo comes in. Last year for her son’s birthday, Miranda brought the pup home and added a third member to their little family, and slowly but surely Elijah and Bo began to form a special bond

“They fight like brothers, they run around the house together playing tag”

However, shes hoping he’ll serve a greater duty than just man’s best friend.  

Recently, Bo became old enough to start the first steps in training to become a service dog.

Miranda has been raising money to enlist him in classes, hoping to give her son not only a loyal companion, but a means of therapy as well.

“I’m told it will help with his speech, it will help him be comfortable when he’s uncomfortable, and lead to him doing things other parents take for granted like sleeping in his own bed.” Says Miranda.

For the single mother, its a labor of love, to give her son a fighting chance against incredible odds

“I cant always give him every toy he wants or piece of candy but this for me , even if it was out of my reach, I had to try”

Miranda has set up a gofundme page to help with the expenses you can find a link to that here