On Tuesday, the Waco NAACP hosted a town hall meeting to discuss what they can do in the East Waco area to improve the health of the community.

The issues that people were most concerned about included youth having access to Hood Street Park and Oscar Duconge Park in Waco. Neighbors in the area said they had seen an increase in illegal activity at the parks, and voiced how they thought the NAACP could help turn those public areas into positive environments.

The conversation was part of a community assessment project the Waco NAACP has been running since summer began. Waco Police officers and city council members attended the meeting, along with community organizers.

Waco NAACP Chapter President Dr. Peaches Henry said these parks should be safe places to keep kids and senior citizens active.

"Exercise should be accessible," Dr. Henry said. "It should be free. It should be daily, and parks will provide that."

No decision was reached Tuesday, but the NAACP discussed holding another meeting in the future. No date was immediately set.