Waco Police is warning the public of a potentially lethal batch of a K-2, also known as Spice, after working two separate incidents over the weekend in which the substance was present.

Officers responded to a man down call around 8:07 Sunday night at Mr. Magoo's Bar on the 4600 block of Hodde Drive.

Upon arrival, police found three individuals on the ground. Waco Police Public Information Officer Patrick Swanton said police recovered K-2 at the scene, and video surveillance shows the three individuals smoking it.

Thereafter, the victims overdosed and had a near death experience.

All three were taken to the hospital and two of the three, who were found unconscious, were taken to the ICU. Both individuals who were found unconscious remain in the ICU as of Monday afternoon.

Police also responded to a case Saturday where one person died after smoking K-2.

The drug has been a problem in Waco before, and police in Austin and Dallas have dealt with issues involving K-2 within the past year as well.

All four people who overdosed over the weekend in Waco were between ages 30 and 40 years old, but Swanton warns parents to be on the lookout for the drug. He described the packaging as bright with psychedelic-colored.

Swanton added K-2 is incredibly dangerous and easy to access.

"Yeah, you could buy this stuff at a head shop somewhere or you might be able to buy it at a smoke shop somewhere or even off the Internet," Swanton said. "It is a deadly, dangerous product. It is not something to be experimented with and it's killing people. It's killing people in our hometown."

If anyone discovers a substance they think may or may not be K-2, Swanton recommends throwing it away or calling the police.