Waco ISD began school Aug. 17 along with the support of its school resource officers, who will help students and staff get through another year safely.

Officer Darius Brown took Channel 6 along with him through a normal day at Waco High School. Responsible for hundreds of students each day, Brown said his responsibilities include preventing crimes, offering a noticeable police presence on campus, checking for student walk offs and deescalating situations as they arise.

"A lot of times, students will listen to me," Brown said. "Sometimes, if they don't want to listen to their teacher, I'll assist with that, and they'll be more likely to respect authority."

Once a student at Waco ISD himself, Brown said his true passion is for making a difference in the lives of the students he encounters.

"I was once at a point where my parents couldn't afford school supplies, so I enjoy these school drives and just helping out any way I can with the district," Brown said.

Brown stays involved with the district, even during the summer months, so he can provide constant support to students who might need an extra push.

"He wants what's best for them," Parent Campus Liaison George Davis said. "He's helped them go back to school with backpacks, school supplies and all kinds of things of that nature.

Officer Brown said outside of school, he hopes to knock down barriers between police and young people.

"With me being in the community in the school, it does bridge a gap," Brown said. "Students are more likely to gain a relationship. They know me inside and outside the school, so they're more likely to respond to law enforcement better."

Waco ISD has an officer on every campus in the district. Those officers are required to complete education and training programs before working at the schools.