#TexasStrong has become a sign of solidarity for Texans after the devastating events of Hurricane Harvey, and a number of Central Texans have used ink to show permanent support to the movement.

Matt Gillespie, manager of Infamous Ink in Waco, came up with a simple idea. Gillespie got a #TexasStrong tattoo and the photo of his new ink was shared hundreds of times on social media.

After the photo's circulation online, Infamous Ink received a ton of inquiries of similar tattoo ideas. The shop decided to charge 50 dollars for #TexasStrong tattoos and donate all the proceeds to Hurricane Harvey victims.

So far, Infamous Ink has given nearly 100 tattoos in the past three days, and have raised more than $4,000 in fundraising.

Gillespie said he did not expect as big of a response the shop received, but added it was good to see so many Texans uniting.

"So, with all the negativity whether people are black, white, hispanic, that doesn't matter," Gillespie said. "We're all together, were all human and we all bleed red. It's all about sticking together and staying Texas strong."

Gillespie said the shop is dedicated to helping out whenever it can. The owner of Infamous Ink purchased a boat, traveled to Beaumont, and assisted in rescuing stranded residents.

Infamous Ink is accepting donations for Hurricane Harvey. Visit the shop at 933 Lake Air Dr, Waco, TX 76710 or call (254) 757-1903 for more details.