A man was arrested Thursday night after Hewitt police said he tried to walk into Panther Stadium during a football game with a gun.

Midway ISD released a statement to parents saying "despite the new open carry law, it is still against the law to have a firearm on school premises during any school activity."

Hewitt Police said, Vincent Sampson, 46, had a handgun in the front of his shorts.

An officer confronted him and told him he was not allowed to enter a High School sporting event with a gun. He told Sampson he needed to leave the stadium and put the gun in his vehicle.

According to a press release sent from Hewitt Police, as Sampson and the officer were walking to his car, Sampson stopped and asked for clarification on the law.

The release said, Sampson then began arguing and pulled the gun out of his shorts but kept it pointed down.

The officer pulled out his gun, pointed it at Sampson and repeatedly told him to lay on the ground.

Once Sampson was on the ground, the officer called for back-up and Sampson was arrested.

He's charged with public intoxication and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

"The suspect was afforded ample opportunity by the officer to comply with the statues regulating the License to Carry a firearm at this particular location," said Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin. "Mr. Sampson failed to heed those warnings and chose to escalate the situation through his actions. I would like to commend Officer Foley for his actions in de-escalating the potentially volatile situation and bringing it to a successful resolution."