Tax Free weekend is officially underway with a ton of back to school deals.

Shoppers at Target in Temple were taking advantage of all the weekend's deals.

"I love tax free weekend," Vanessa Staller said. "Who doesn't? I mean, it's like free money you don't have to spend."

Qualified items such as shoes, clothes, and school supplies that cost $100 or less are tax free.

Shoppers are saving nearly $8 for every $100 spent.

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Parents and kids alike are checking off their back to school list, which includes items such as notebooks and pencils. There is one item, however, that some parents do not realize is also tax free this weekend.

"Diapers are tax free as well just because the pre-k kids or day care children will take them to school with them when their parents go back to work," Hannia Arroyo, Target Executive Team Leader, said. "So diapers are also an item with no tax this weekend."

But there is good news and bad news.

The bad news is news is electronics are not included in the savings. So, anyone hoping to buy their child a new laptop for the school year will not be tax free.

On the other hand, there is good news for shoppers who want to avoid the traffic and lines in store. Tax free weekend applies to online purchases as well.

Here is a list of qualifying clothing for the tax-free holiday.

Here is a list of qualifying school supplies.