Gas prices have soared throughout Central Texas, and while state and local officials insist there is enough gas to go around, local pumps have started to run dry.

Drivers told Channel 6 they have seen spikes of forty to fifty cents at local gas pumps.

Locals from Dallas and Austin claim gas ha increased more than forty to fifty cents per gallon.

However, a local gas station owner said there is not a supply problem, but rather a demand that's been caused by widespread panic.

The 7-Eleven at TX-Loop 363 and W. Adams did run out Wednesday evening -- as did others in the Temple area.

The store's owner, Bumi Adetutu said the shortage was due to three days of long lines and people hoarding gas in extra containers after filling up. He added after a quick call to corporate, the station was re-stocked within 24 hours.

Austin drivers told Channel 6 they have seen a similar hoarding pattern, which Adetutu said needs to stop if anyone hopes for gas prices to settle.

"Don't get involved with all the rumors about running out of gas," Adetutu said. "Stay at home if you don't have to go anywhere, conserve some gas that way, and I think it will come down."

Meanwhile, Governor Greg Abbott reassured Texans on Friday that there is still plenty of gas available in the Lone Star state.

Adetutu said if the demand calms down, local prices should start to drop in the next week or so as well.