A Lampasas woman was arrested, after the Sheriff’s office said she stole money from a local youth club. Locals said she may have gotten away with almost $10,000 before being caught.

The Lampasas County Livestock Association holds multiple shows a year, but a local resident said a former president has left the organization in debt after stealing thousands form its account.

Angelina Marie Andrews was arrested Friday by the Lampasas Sheriff’s Department.

The affidavit said she stole between $750 and $2,500 from the organization – a charge that would be a Class A Misdemeanor.

But that amount is subject to change, and a local parent thinks she stole a lot more.

The parent told Channel 6 if the kids can’t raise enough money for their upcoming Rabbit Palooza Event in October, then the group will be left in debt.

Meanwhile, the county said they are still building a case before charging Andrews, and don’t know if she will pay restitution or not.