Editor's Note:

The location of the storage facility was in the 5100 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, not at 1901 East Stan Schlueter that was shown in the video report. We have since removed that video.

As people celebrated America Tuesday, a Harker Heights woman is devastated after a thief stole a jacket dedicated to a fallen soldier in her family.

Ruby Wayman said she is in the process of moving so she put some of her things in a local storage facility. Wayman said it was broken into a few weeks ago, and the burglars got away with more than just material items. She said they have taken memories and her peace of mind.

Wayman is a retired soldier and she was always close to her nephew, Adam Garcia.

Even when they were deployed overseas – Wayman in Afghanistan and Garcia in Iraq, they would use a military phone line to talk daily.

Wayman said he would call before he would go on missions.

“I would check on him throughout the day to make sure he was doing ok,” she said.

They also shared a love of motorcycles and often talked about riding together when they returned home.

“We made a deal that when we both came home I would give him my Harley and I would get another one for myself and we would go riding…and well we never got to do that,” Wayman said.

That is because her nephew was killed in action in Iraq just a few weeks before making the trip home.

Devastated by the news, Wayman sold her motorcycle when she returned to Central Texas. In its place, she had this leather jacket painted with a tribute to her nephew to honor his memory.

“Everytime I would ride I would put that jacket on and I would tell Adam come on Adam let’s go for a ride and he would go with me and I felt safe,” Wayman said.

According to a police report the jacket was stolen a few weeks ago, along with guitars and some ammunition from a Killeen storage facility. The jacket was stored there while Ruby moved houses and she said she would give anything to get it back.

“I was crushed I was heartbroken they could’ve taken anything,” she said. “I would’ve given them anything but don’t take my jacket…the meaning behind that jacket.”

She is offering a $1,000 reward. No questions asked to anyone who can bring the jacket home.

If you have information on the jacket or who may have it, you can contact Ruby at 254-368-2493.