Law enforcement successfully detonated a grenade Wednesday afternoon after it was found at a home on Cemetery Road just outside of West.

Officials said they received a call around 1:00 p.m. after a report of a hand grenade at the home.

A picture of the grenade was sent to officers and after further examination, the McLennan County Sheriff’s office bomb squad were dispatched to the scene.

The World War II pineapple type hand grenade still had the pin in it. After an x-ray, officers determined it was live.

The grenade was found in a shed behind a house that was being remodeled. It had been left by the previous owner who was a World War II veteran.

The neighborhood close to the residence was evacuated due to safety precautions.

A backhoe was used to dig a hole in the back of the property for the bomb squad to place the grenade.

C-4 was placed in the dirt and the bomb squad successfully disintegrated the bomb.