The surf is up in Central Texas! If you've ever thought about surfing but think your land-locked here in Texas and California is too far away, NLand has got you covered.

Just outside of Austin is America's first surf park NLand. The surf park is 160 acres and offers three waves for people of all skill levels; the reef wave, which is the one closet to the pier is the high performance wave, the second wave down is the inside wave for intermediate surfers, and the bay wave is the smallest wave and best for beginners.

The technology used to create the waves is state-of-the-art. The system is modeled on what you would see on a ski lift. Underneath the water is a snowplow like foil which pushes the water, creating a wave on both sides of the plow.

And one of the best parts, forget the sharks, it's a really safe environment, the park knows when the wave is going to come, so it really cuts the learning curve. The ride is 35 seconds long giving surfers time to think about what maneuver they want to do and really perfect their skills.

Surfing starts at $60 for an hour and the park also provides coaching lessons and rental options for different boards. For all information on the surf park click here.