Alberta, Canada (WLTX) - Now this is a man who's dedicated to doing a little work around the house, no matter what.

Cecilia Wessels of Canada snapped a picture of a tornado that spawned near her home, telling CTV that she wanted to show the image to her family back home in South Africa, since none of them had seen one before . But what caught everyone's eye was that her husband, Theunis, was casually mowing the lawn in the foreground, even as the frightening looking twister spun behind him.

Theunis told CTV that he needed to get his grass cut before a busy week that included multiple trips to take his kids to sporting events.

He said he was watching it the whole time to "see what it was going to do."

His daughter, though, wanted him to come inside, and woke up her mom who was sleeping inside so she'd go out and get him.

Theunis said that he thought his lawn 'looked nice' afterward.

The twister did some damage to some nearby agricultural buildings, but luckily never threatened their home. There were no injuries reported.