There are still a lot of questions surrounding the skeletal remains found near Crawford this weekend.

Investigators think they might know who the remains belong to, but they were so far gone by the time ranchers discovered them, they'll have to wait for a positive ID from the medical examiner in Dallas.

It's a quiet stretch of Hog Creek Road in rural McLennan County.

So no one saw it coming -- the discovery by a ranch hand late Friday of a set of skeletal remains, just a couple hundred yards from a ranch house.

"They appear to have been there for quite a while, possibly a couple of months," McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said Sunday.

Just on the other side of a barn, pretty much out in the open.

When the rancher confirmed they were human Saturday morning, he called in the Sheriff's Office.

"We're going to be looking at everything," McNamara said. "Right now it's carried as a questionable death. We don't really know the cause of death at this point."

He stopped short of calling it suspicious just yet, but he does have an idea of who it might be: a white male in his 20s from the area, who may have been the subject of a separate investigation.

But the remains were so decomposed, they have to wait for word out of Dallas before they know for sure.

"We want to make sure we have positive ID and then we will notify the family first of all," McNamara said.

One other big question that still has to be answered: How did they get there?

A gravel driveway leading up to the actual house is the only entrance to the rancher's property. The rest is just big open fields surrounded by barbed wire.

The sheriff didn't want to speculate as to why they were so close to the house for so long before anyone found them.

"We want to make sure we that we investigate it properly and thoroughly," he said.

They hope to know more when they head back to the scene Monday.

Investigators don't believe these remains have anything to do with the ones found in Hewitt last weekend.

They hope to rule that out completely in the coming days.