A Killeen veteran is turning to the public for help after someone stole precious rings from her house earlier this year in March or April.

Darenda Van Voorhis, a veteran with the Coast Guard and Air Force, said she is devastated after the loss of her mother's ring and her grandmother's ring. They both have strong sentimental value to her.

"My mother had committed suicide in 2011," Voorhis said.

She wanted to hand her mother's ring down to her children when they got married.

"My grandmother's ring is a solitaire, but my grandfather has designed the band, specifically made out of white gold," Van Voorhis explained.

Her grandmother's ring is one-of-a-kind and all of the rings are very special.

Darenda said she built the house in Killeen as a safe house for any family and friends who need a temporary place to stay. Her nephew was staying with her at the time the rings were stolen.

"There's times when I'd go down to San Antonio to visit Ari and I'd be gone a few days and I'd come back and my neighbor would say 'hey, your nephew had all these kids over' and I'm thinking 'oh great,'" she said.

She believes someone they know may be behind the rings' disappearance.

Her life-long best friend, Arianna Duggan, a veteran herself, described the rings as heirlooms, and feels just as connected to them.

"I still was more devastated to hear that that ring was gone because it has so many memories and love and family tied up in it," Duggan said.

The friends are hoping someone will contact them and return the stolen rings.

"If these rings were pawned and someone purchased them, they're innocent, they didn't know they were stolen. We would do anything to get those rings back," said Duggan.

Van Voorhis set up an email address. Anyone with information is urged to email stolentreasure@yahoo.com.

She also said a couple guns, a Springfield .45 and Savage .270, and an expensive camera were stolen when the rings were taken at her home.