A female veteran who broke ground as a female soldier years ago said when she heard about the Time's Person of the Year announcement, she and her girlfriends said it's about time.

The President of the Women's Army Corps Veterans Association, Adrienne Evans-Quickley said she is grateful women are now speaking up and they are finally being heard.

She said, back when she was serving in the military, she and her other female counterparts were put in inappropriate, uncomfortable situations. Evans-Quickley said too many people thought it was okay to mistreat women. When she went to supervisors and soldiers of higher ranks back then to report the behavior, she said she was told to go along to get along.

Evans-Quickley did not go along, and believes she was not promoted as much because of that.

"Because of some of us standing up, there are those in better situations. There are those who can get their rank based on their skills and abilities instead of who you sleep with or who you go with," Evans-Quickley said.

She said this shouldn't just be the Time's Person of the Year. She said it should be the Time's People of the Year because too many have been affected by the continuing allegations.

"It's for those who crossed a line. It's a good thing. Me too...well you don't just jump on the bandwagon just because but to try and fix the problem you must go along and say this is a problem and we must fix it. It's not acceptable, it's not the norm and women are not just pieces," Evans-Quickley said.

She said some supervisors came up to her in later years apologizing for letting the harassment continue.

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