BELTON,TX - (KCEN) – A sign posted on the door at Milestones Educational Child Care onFriday informed parents and employees that the center would be open from 5 p.m.– 9 p.m. Friday evening and from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday for them to pick uptheir personal belongings.

Assistant Director Amy Simon confirmed to us by phone that ownerTheresa Bardwell has filed for bankruptcy.

However, when we called the bankruptcy office at the federalcourthouse in Waco Friday, no bankruptcy records had been filed by Bardwell.

Despite being left completely in the dark about the center'sclosure, employees are now learning they will not be getting paid for the finaltwo weeks that they had worked.

Some employees' say they thought very highly of Bardwell beforethis happened, while others say she gave them a bad impression from thebeginning.

"She acted like she knew all about what was going on but atthe same time she was asking a lot of questions to the director," saidformer employee Danielle Reicek.

"I thought she had a really good heart, you know, she seemed so sincere and she seemed like she truly cared about everyone, and then this," said former employee Jennifer Vasek. "It's just kind of like, ‘wow, you admired someone that was fake."

Employees have been advised to file a complaint with the TexasWorkforce Commission immediately.