(KXAS) - A husband and wife in a small North Texas city are accused of growing marijuana in their home to sell to teenagers.

Police seized dozens of marijuana plants from the Anna home of the couple, who are the parents of three.

"It is an up-and-coming middle-class neighborhood," Anna police Sgt. Jeff Caponera said. "Several law enforcement officers live in that area. Our mayor lives in that area."

A joint task force that also included police from nearby Van Alstyne served a search warrant on the house after a series of tips.

Officers found a hydroponic system to grow high-quality marijuana in a spare bedroom that shared a wall with the family's youngest toddler, Caponera said.

"It was very advanced," he said. "We have no doubts that it was a joint effort."

Caponera said the couple is also involved in distribution, with a substantial client base that neighbors told investigators includes children, some as young as middle school age.

"He was selling to neighborhood kids -- not just in Anna, but in Van Alstyne, all the way up to Sherman," he said.

The husband and wife were arrested Thursday afternoon at their home in Anna, which is about 40 miles north of Dallas. They are being held at the Collin County Detention Center on traffic violation warrants while police determine which drug charges to file.

Caponera said police are in the process of drying and weighing the drugs to determine the final yield and street value, which will influence the charges.

The couple could also face child endangerment charges because their three young children live just steps from the alleged grow site, he said.