PROSPER, Texas -- A Prosper mother says she was able to save her daughter from choking to death thanks to infant safety classes.

Inside the playroom of the Hull sisters in Prosper, you'll find 3-year-old Hatilynn and 1-year-old Hollis surrounded by various princesses. They're never far from a snack or their mom, Jennifer.

"We’re pretty vigilant with what they eat," said Hull.

Sunday afternoon, Hollis started snacking on some veggie chips.

"This was not something I was even alarmed at giving her," said Hull.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how vigilant you are, as she learned in the minutes that followed.

"I was fiddling with the TV, said Hull. I heard a noise that I just hadn't heard before and it just startled me!"

She turned to find Hollis running toward her, turning blue.

"I flipped her over and gave her some back blows and nothing happened. So I did the Heimlich, and right when I did it popped out!"

Even big sister Hatilynn helped.

"I got her water," she said.

It happened in seconds, but that was enough time for Hull to fear she could lose her baby girl. The American Academy of Pediatrics found that an average of 12,400 children under 14 were treated at emergency rooms annually for choking during the years 2001 to 2009.

Hull says, in her case, the infant safety classes she and her husband took before Hatilynn was born made all the difference.

"I mean, we sat in these classes before we had kiddos and they were teaching us exactly what to do in these moments!" she said.

Hull shared the video with friends as a scary reminder that those courses are worth it.

"There were so many people that said 'I need to sign up for these classes,'" she told us.

And that’s why Hull wants you to see it too. Because you’d do anything to keep your child safe, and one day you might have to. She hopes you'll be prepared.

"I just remembered how scared I really was…like 'What just happened?'" she said. "I was really grateful it had gone the way it went."

Hull took these classes at her local hospital before giving birth. If interested in similar classes, contact your local hospital or community center.