(KCEN) -- Protesters from Overpasses to Impeach Obama return to the 6th street overpass in Belton to raise awareness on Saturday.

With signs that read "don't tread on me" and "obama bin lyin'", the protestors rally support to impeach our president and every honk from a passing car reminds them of why they are protesting.

Mike Jolley, a protestor and an individual who admits to have voted for Obama twice, says, "We've gotten change, (but) not in a good way and we haven't gotten peace." He feels that congress is slowly taking away his freedoms. So, he decided to join a group of over 45,000 people on Facebook and participate on Saturday's protest.

Even though President Obama may be one of the main reasons for the protest, these people have a long list of reasons to be here.

They believe that members of Congress are disregarding the Constitution. That tax dollars aren't being spent properly and are raising the national debt, and at the end of the day, they just want to protect American freedoms.

This protest in Belton may not look like it has power to reach the capitol, but this is just one of many groups of people protesting on overpasses across the country.