(KCEN) -- A lack of rain has lake levels across Central Texas showing record lows and is hurting local businesses.

The Slippery Minnow which used to be on Lake Waco, now it's only partially on the lake. A good portion of the business comes from the boaters who dock here, and walk right into the restaurant. Mary Tate, the owner of The Slippery Minnow, says "The water is so low the ramp is at a steep angle." Right now, the water under the dock is only a foot deep.

Lake Waco is around seven feet below the normal lake level, but that does not compare to what is happening on Lake Belton.

Loyd Leclair owns a boat rental business on Lake Belton, Old School Boat Rental. He is spending hundreds of dollars repairing propellers all summer.

Lake Belton is over 12 feet below the normal level. The lowest the it's ever been.

Rainfall over Lake Belton would help only temporarily. It needs to rain in places like Gatesville and Lampasses so it can feed in to Lake Belton.

White Flint, Live Oak and Owl Creek Parks are three boat ramps that are closed on Lake Belton due to the low water levels.