(KCEN)- After 50 years of service, Robinson ISD says it's time to replace their oldest operating campus. The school district says the current intermediate school needs to be replaced because of electrical and safety issues. For those reasons and others, the Robinson ISD Board of Trustees unanimously proposed a bond election for Tuesday, November 5, 2013 for $21 million to build a new intermediate school.

"You're looking at a building that would be built for the 21st century," said Dr. Michael Hope, Robinson Superintendent. "Looking at where it can handle the technology needs of the district."

The new building would house 4-6 grades under one roof. A move which Dr. Hope says is safer and more practical.

"Parents really would like to have their 6th graders separated from the junior high."

But other residents are hesitant to vote in favor of anything that increases taxes for Robinson homeowners. For the average RISD homestead valued at $125,908, this represents an increase of approximately $30.80 a month.

"Certainly would love to have the school but I'm not sure whether enough of the citizens in this area can afford increase in taxes," said Robinson resident James Olson.

But for many residents and parents, they say it's money well spent.

"Starting with just one school at a time is the way to promote a better school system all the way around," said mother Vannah Walker.

"For a school yea I can accept the taxes," added Robinson resident Darla Drosche.

There will be bond information meetings on Wednesday, September 25th, at 6pm in the JR High Cafetorium. And another Thursday, October 3rd, at 6:30pm at St. John United Church of Christ.

Early voting will begin weekdays from October 21st till November 1st. And Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th.