(WACO POLICE DEPARTMENT) --- Citizens Please Stop Falling For This Scam!!!!!

This time a 73-year-old male victim was approached on the parking lot of the HEB at Valley Mills and IH 35. A black male described as in his 60's, about 200lbs started talking with the victim about a charity for an African church.

The victim drove the suspect to McDonalds at 6th and IH 35 where they were approached by another b/m suspect who took part in the scam. The suspects were able to talk the victim out of a large sum of money that the victim went and drew from his bank and from his house.

Suspects last seen in the parking lot of McDonalds.

Suspects typically have various stories they tell and flash what appears to be cash to draw the victims in. Once they have victims cash, the suspects disappear and the victim is out all of the fronted money.