(KCEN) -- Scott & White Healthcare welcomed the Emergency Medical Task Force Region Ambulance Bus, EMTF-7AMBUS, to its McLane Children's and Memorial Hospital campuses today.

The AMBUSes can transport 18-bed confined, 24-seated or 10-wheelchair bound individuals and all the same equipment and medical supplies that any normal ambulance would have, except they carry enough for 20 patients.

"The AMBUS increases the medical community's ability to deliver quality patient care and transport during multi-casualty events," says Taylor Radcliffe, MD, Scott & White emergency medicine and EMTF-7 team physician.

This vehicle is assigned to the Central Texas area, but can be used across the state for incidents varying from multi-vehicle accidents to triage staging areas where numerous patients may be involved.

EMFT-7 covers 29 counties in Central Texas, including Austin, Temple, Waco and Bryan/College Station.