Seattle Humane prepared Tuesday to take up to 300 pets from animal rescue groups in Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

About 200 cats and 100 dogs are set to arrive at Boeing Field on Wednesday at 2:45 p.m. Seattle Humane will take the animals to their Bellevue shelter where they will be placed for adoption.

This is the first of several expected flights to Seattle to help shelters that are housing displaced pets outside of Houston.

"This will make the space needed for the short term housing of strays and the immensely important task of reunification of pets with their families,” Seattle Humane CEO David Loewe said in a release.

It's been 10 days since Seattle Humane opened the doors at its expanded shelter and they will now test will see how far they can stretch capacity.

Loewe admitted they didn’t expect to fill up so quickly.

“We talked with our team and said how can we best help?" he said. "And we said we can take up to 300 pets."

Loewe said they started by reaching out to volunteers.

“We've already asked our current foster families, which we've got over 600 of, can you take one more?" he said.

Foster Parents like Megen Opsahl say they are making room in their hearts and their homes for Harvey pets.

“I wouldn't be surprised if I get animal or two to take home. My husband doesn't know that yet I'm already making plans,” Opsahl said.

She's been fostering animals for years and admitted it's not always easy to say goodbye, but she knows the animals coming from Texas need help.

“You fall in love. I've sat in the parking lot crying more times than I can count, but it's worth it,” she said.

Seattle Humane says the relationships don't have to be temporary. Sometimes it's a “foster failure” when those pets become part of the family and stay for good. All the animals that arrive from Texas will be checked at their clinic and evaluated before they go into a home.

Those who can't take a pet can always donate.

Seattle Humane will host an emergency training for anyone who has been considering becoming a pet foster parent, they hope people in the northwest might realize this could be their way to help some of the most helpless victims of Harvey.

If you’re interested in fostering pets currently in Seattle Humane’s care to make more room for animals flying in from Texas, click here.