(KCEN) -- One local bride-to-be is losing sleep because of the government shutdown.

She was planning on getting married in a park off of Lake Belton.

But, the government shutdown has her scrambling for a new venue at the last minute.

With the big day less than less than two weeks away, Jackie Jarnagin and BJ Soto are hoping they can still have their wedding the way they envisioned it.

The soon-to-be Soto family is expecting close to 200 guests at Frank's Belton Lakeview Park for their big day on October 19.

Some family is coming in all the way from California.

The park is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers.

But since the government shutdown, Jackie and BJ called yesterday to make sure they could still have their wedding as planned.

They were told that if the government is still shutdown, the park their wedding is supposed to be at, will be closed.

The newly weds still don't know what they're going to do.

"That's what's frustrating, invitations are already mailed out!" Says BJ.

"And we've got all those RSVPs!" Jackie says.

One of Jackie's bridesmaids, Susan Rozycki says, "They don't realize the impact this makes on the little people."

So, if these two can't find a different place to hold their wedding and the shutdown is still in effect, they have plans of their own.

"It's not going to stop us," states Jackie.

"I'm still getting married the 19th. I don't know where, but I'm getting married the 19th," says BJ.

This is truly a love that can't be shutdown.

Jackie and BJ were told by the Army Corps that they would get a full refund come the day of their wedding if the government is still shutdown.