HOUSTON – She’s the little girl from Spring who went from feeling like she had no friends to having more friends than she can count.

The story of Alexis Barnes went viral after a Facebook post made by her mother.

Jessica Barnes posted after no one showed up to her daughter’s birthday party.

Alexis suffers from an auto-immune disorder that causes hair loss. Many people who were drawn to her story wondered if that’s why nobody came to the party.

It wasn’t long before the family was inundated with love and support from all corners of the country.

Nearly 1,000 people showed up to a surprise “re-do” party for Alexis last Sunday.

She received hundreds and hundreds of gifts.

Alexis and her family decided to donate more than 400 of those presents to children in need.

“She’s six, and she gets it. She understands these are gifts she got, and she’s happy to give them away,” said her mother, Jessica Barnes.

Alexis delivered the truck full of toys to kids at the Children’s Center of Galveston on Wednesday.

The non-profit is currently serving more than 100 homeless and foster children.

“I’ve heard them say this is the best Christmas we’ve had, and they’re overjoyed people are still thinking about them when they’re at their lowest,” said Clemmie White, Director of Development and Communication with The Children’s Center.

Several of the kids said they can relate to feeling different or left out by their classmates.

They each thanked Alexis and played together with their new toys.