(KCEN) – On Monday clean up crews took over the neighborhood near Yetti Polk Park in Belton as they began removing broken tree limbs and uprooted trees from yards and roads.

The park had extensive damage from Saturday night's storm that brought in high winds, hail and rain. The City of Belton has put up yellow caution tape and barricades to keep people out, and the park will remain closed until the debris can be removed.

"It's shocking. We had card coming down the street all day looking at the park and taking pictures," Belton public information officer Paul Romer said.

Romer said the City of Temple sent equipment and trucks, like street sweepers, to help with the clean up efforts on Monday. Even with the help, Romer says the park will more than likely stay closed all week as crews continue to cleanup.

"The skyline of this park has changed. We wont be able to replace those trees, but the park will remain an important part of Belton, and it will remain a gathering area for the community," he said. "We will beautify it the best we can after this."