(KCEN) -- This wasn't the birthday celebration one Texas girl had in mind.

A limo full of people attending a sweet 16 party was T-boned by a train in San Antonio.

When it was hit by the train, the limo flipped onto its side.

Authorities say the limo's tires got stuck on the train tracks Saturday night.

The safety arms came down and pinned the limo.

Birthday girl Mariah Garza says everyone panicked when the train hit the limo.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

"Everybody was freaking out. So, everybody was opening the door, pushing each other, rolling off the limo. It was just horrible and people were having panic attacks, I had a panic attack. I mean it's my birthday so it was kind of unexpected," says Mariah Garza.

Firefighters and paramedics didn't want the accident to ruin Garza's sweet 16, so they drove everyone to the party.